Text based stand-ups.

Efficiently communicate progress with your team mates.

Asynchronous. Documented. Focused.

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Time zone friendly

Works well for remote teams. No need to look for a siutable time slot for all time zones anymore. Anyone can leave an update at any time.

Self organisation

Makes you think about what you want to acheive during the day. Having a plan will help you be more focused.

Leaves trace

You can always go back and check what you or a colleague of yours did the past day, week, month or even year.

Slacker unfriendly

It is more difficult to give abstract updates. Having it written down provides a better overview of the work a person has done (or hasn't).

Keeps you focused

Distractions or getting into too many details are the usual reasons for long stand-ups. This is not possible here.

More time for coding

A 15 minute stand-up meeting takes 15 minutes per employee. A 5 minute text update takes only 5 minutes per employee.